Opening Ceremony September 3, 2019

Salone degli Affreschi

University of Bari "Aldo Moro" Piazza Umberto I, 1
The striking “Salone degli Affreschi” of the University of Bari”Aldo Moro” is located in the historic building of Piazza Umberto I, in the heart of the modern city center.
The beautiful hall has always hosted conventions, concerts and conferences of the highest levels, as it suits one of the most important universities of Italy.

Conference – September 4-5-6, 2019

Villa Romanazzi Carducci

Via G. Capruzzi, 326 - Bari, Italy Tel. +39 080 914 4700
Villa Romanazzi Carducci has a conference center in a large park situated a few steps from the city center of Bari.
The accomodation boasts 1500 sq. m indoor space with twenty meeting rooms, six of which have modular composition. It embodies perfectly the mix of the prestige inherited by the noble history of the property, and the confort produced by design and advanced technology.